Who We Are 

We are a nonprofit organization committed to improving the quality of life in communities by utilizing data driven public health models to guide us in Meeting The Everyday Needs To Survive.  We come behind local leaders, adding value to their work as we operate out of kindness and empathy for the ones we serve.


We take the time to understand our partner communities greatest needs through a formal assessment and data analysis and use research to implement lasting community-based solutions.


We invest in relationships so that our work adds value  and promotes reconciliation within a community. 


We strive for sustainability in all we do by passing on skills and knowledge to others using train-the-trainer models.


We bring together other individuals and organizations to bring about the best solutions and create momentum.

Why Public Health

Public health is simply promoting and protecting the health of a given population.  It can include disease prevention, access to care, well being, environmental health, research, nutrition, spiritual wholeness,  and so much more.  Our team of public health professionals use proven models to gain insight into a community in order to bridge the gap between resources and needs while fostering interdisciplinary partnerships.


Handmade creates avenues to partner locally to reach globally.


You can help change the story of a generation through your contribution.


Find out how you can bring hope and create change to those who need it most.