Who We Are

Meeting TENTS stands for Meeting The Everyday Needs To Survive.  We are an organization that focuses on community development and mobilization through public health models.  Strategic community assessments and collaboration with community leaders are at the core of our focus.  We believe that every community has the people and potential to thrive.  Through collaboration, we put a plan into action that is life giving, transformational, and sustainable.


One of our core callings is to empower leaders within a community. Our strategy is to collaborate with them, conduct a formal community needs assessment together, and work toward accomplishing sustainable THRIVE goals.


Meeting TENTS is based on train-the-trainer models. We strive for sustainability in all we do, and part of that is transferring skills and knowledge to others. We believe that training should not only take place in the locations where we work, but that others can be trained to replicate the work around the world.


We have a burden to help others develop a heart for their community and for the nations. There are many individuals/organizations who have the ability to bring world changing solutions and reach out to others in love. As we do strategic community assessments, we help train and bring along these individuals/organizations to be a part of the transformation story.

Thrive Goals

THRIVE Goals are used to set priorities with our collaborators. We also use them internally to measure impact within communities and partnerships.

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