Meeting TENTS has a formal collaboration with a local nonprofit and clinic in Davao, Philippines. Together we conducted a thorough community needs assessment and are implementing an HIV education and testing program.

In 2018, we began training staff from the local clinic and key community leaders on HIV/AIDS, disease transmission, diagnosis, and how to educate the community on prevention and treatment.

As an interdisciplinary team with the local nonprofit, we extended our collaboration to promote longterm sustainability. This HIV initiative has been an example of unity as a number of entities are working together to improve testing and access to care for Filipinos. Meeting TENTS, Heart for the World, FCCDI, Vineyard Davao, the Philippines Department of Health, City of Davao, and Assumption College of Davao are all working together to serve the people of Davao.

Given the background of our co-founder, Dr. Danielle Walker, and her experience working with the CDC managing HIV care (ADAP) for the State of Maine, we believe that a new story is being written when it comes to HIV/AIDS in the Philippines. A story filled with hope!

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