One of our collaborators is the HIV/STI program director for the Department of Health in Davao, Philippines.  She is currently the only staff member to oversee this program.  This is no small feat, considering the region she oversees has a population of around 5 million people!  In our time together she mentioned the heavy weight of her responsibilities.  Currently, the Philippines is ranked number one in the world for fastest rising cases of HIV, while the majority of the world is making progress to reduce the burden of disease (UNAIDS, 2019).  This highlights the urgent need for support and intervention.  We are so grateful to come along side the hard work our collaborators are already doing.  It is an honor to partner with the Department of Health, Davao City Government, and others as we link arms to reduce the burden of HIV in the Philippines.  When we come together, using our unique skill sets; we build each other up, further the cause, and remind each other that we are not alone.  #connect

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