We exist to improve the quality of life in communities by empowering local leaders through relationship, while utilizing data driven public health models to guide us in Meeting The Everyday Needs To Survive.


We see a world where people are lifted up to reach their potential, overcoming the burden of lack (resources, education, access to care, and hope).


Could we merge research and scientific rigor with compassion, bringing hope and sustainable solutions? Could different fields and professions come together and work in unison to help those in need? Could we build a unifying and mobilizing bridge between government agencies, community leaders, academic institutions, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, universities, and other community entities?

These were all questions that filled our minds as we dreamed about global community development. We could see the potential of a community that relies on the strengths of its own people being empowered! We didn’t want to be heroes or in the spotlight. We didn’t want to come in to introduce ideas and programs that couldn’t be sustained without our presence. We truly believed that every community was equipped with people who have the talents, ideas, and strength to make their community thrive. We wanted to provide support, encouragement, training, strategy, and resources to lift those leaders up to reach their potential.

In the book of Exodus, we read about the tent of meeting. This was a mobile house of worship where Moses spoke to God as speaking with a friend! This tent was filled with God’s presence and was life-giving for the Israelites. It represented relationship, mobility, hope, shelter, and victory. This is what we wanted to represent! Not only did we want to resource communities and meet needs, but we wanted to build a team that carried this kind, loving, hope-filled presence everywhere. We wanted to be an organization that brought life and encouragement into communities. A team that offered refuge, relationship, and celebrated victories all while collaborating with local leaders. Thus, Meeting TENTS was birthed. Meeting The Everyday Needs To Survive through science, research, and kindness.

We are Meeting TENTS!

We strive to empower our partners to thrive so they can see their communities transformed.

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