Addressing COVID-19

As a global health organization, we respond to public health crises, such as COVID-19, with science, truth, and peace.  We always strive to empower, educate, and train others to help their communities thrive, and our response to COVID-19 remains the same.  Dr. Danielle Walker (CEO), is a professor of Health Science/Public Health and conducts research on global health issues (disease distribution and access to care).  Because of her area of expertise, she has been serving in the capacity of a Public Health Specialist on an emergency COVID-19 task force and consulting with a number of large churches, clinics, universities, and community organizations on strategic plans and prevention in response to this pandemic.  She is working closely with our Global Health team members, Dr. Kyle Johnson Moore (viriologist) and Dr. Jacen Moore (immunologist), to address common concerns, educational materials, and analyzing data trends.  

Meeting TENTS has always been about running to the storm and offering a place of refuge and hope.  In the midst of confusion and fear, our team has been able to merge the scientific world with community to be a voice of reason and peace.  

This website will not be updated on a daily basis, so we encourage you to use reliable websites listed below to stay up to date on important information as we continue to learn more about this disease.  We will be posting links to a number of resources we have been collaborating on, such as filming educational videos with churches and a university, and creating specific educational materials.  As videos and materials are published, we will provide links to the sites so you can get correct information through our collaborations.

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Delta Variant Questions (United States)

Delta Variant Questions (United States)

We have had several questions come in about the new Delta variant. We are still learning a lot every day, but here are the most common questions with short answers from the data we have available (U.S. perspective). What is the delta variant? Delta is a new variant of...

Community Leader mRNA Vaccine Q&A Series

Community Leader mRNA Vaccine Q&A Series

Community leaders, our hearts go out to you in this season as you navigate a spectrum of strong opinions on politics, disease prevention, conspiracy theories, and more.  We can’t help in every area, but we do have a team of doctors who conduct research and work in...

A Public Health Plea to the American Church

A Public Health Plea to the American Church

The current pandemic has shaken us all to our core and created division within the church like I have never seen.  As a public health professional and someone who has grown up in the church, this has been a difficult season to process.  Health strategies have become...


Frequently updated sites

Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering

Our World in Data

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

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