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Global Handmade creates avenues to partner locally to reach globally. It was birthed from two simple dreams: empowering women in the nations and a love of all things creative. We use creative gifts to make a difference in the nations. There are three parts to how Global Handmade works and different levels to get involved:


Community Events: Maker Days.

We host special Maker Days where our local community can come together and create for the nations. We eat yummy food, get trained in creative skills, make jewelry together, and have a blast! Together, we will take our small seeds of time and skills, and turn them into a harvest of changed lives.


Global Handmade Shoppe.

When products are created at our Maker Days they are posted in our online shoppe. Each product supports a different global initiative (e.i. Our red tassel earrings help fund our HIV programs). People make a difference in the nations just by shopping for a cause!


Community Development Training.

Our end goal is to make a difference in the lives of others and help stop the cycle of poverty. We don’t want to just create community and make beautiful things to fund our global programs, but we also want to train women in the nations with these same livelihood skills. When women go to our Maker Days they can identify if they would ever want to go on a trip to help train women in other countries. In collaboration with our Global Partners, we set up livelihood skills training programs to help empower women to have skills to provide for their families and escape the cycle of poverty.

To learn more about getting involved or hosting a Maker Day, connect with us. We can’t wait to create with you!


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