Our Story

In the book of Exodus (33:7-11), the Israelites constructed a mobile tent of meeting.  This tent was a mobile house of worship where they heard from God.  The tent represented relationship, safety, and hope.

Meeting TENTS was birthed, inspired by this biblical passage.  Not only is Meeting TENTS an acronym that stands for Meeting The Everyday Needs To Survive, but the symbolism of a tent represents our organization.  We are a mobile team that is ready and equipped to help anywhere in the world.  We offer a place of a refuge, meeting people in the darkest of places.  We value relationship and carry a hope-filled presence wherever we go.

Our hearts desire was to merge the worlds of scientific rigor, sustainability, and compassion to solve community problems at their core while investing in our collaborators’ growth.  Communities around the world are reached through partnerships, formal public health assessments, and goals created with local leaders.  Goals are measurable and research methods are used to drive sustainability.  We strive to empower our partners to thrive so they can see their communities transformed.



Our Values


  • We create solutions that can be sustained and replicated.


  • We are equipped and ready to respond.


  • We value all people and give our best in all we do.


  • We are atmosphere changers, who always choose to walk in kindness, hope, peace, and love.


  • We do not cling to titles, status, or credit but use our positions to help promote others.


  • We’re better together.  We seek out those who promote peace and interdisciplinary partnerships.


  • We operate out of a relationship with God.  We seek His presence and carry His presence where we go.