Meet Our Team

danielle walker

Danielle Walker, PhD, MA, BS, CHES
Co-Founder and CEO
Public Health Specialist

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Joey Walker
Co-Founder and COO

carol ustach

Carol Ustach, BS
Team Leader & Admin. Support


Celeste Campos, MS, LMFT
Global Counseling and Therapy


Erica Pelzel, BS
Development Director

JacenMoore PIC.jpg

Jacen Moore, PhD, MA, MT(ASCP), CHT
Global Programs
Core Collaborator UTHSC 

jocelyn jenkins

Jocelyn Jenkins
Communications Director


Josue Campos, BS
Community Development Director


Kyle L. Johnson Moore, PhD,
Grant Specialist
Core Collaborator Rhodes College

misa jimenez

Misael Jimenez
Latin America Program Director

rod mendoza

Rod Mendoza
Creative Director


Sophora Davis
Global Network Support

yuri jimenez

Yuri Jimenez, BS, LN
Licensed Nutritionist



Legacy Makers


Twenty years ago, Dale and Sharon Walker started Heart for the World.  They had a burden to help those in need, plant churches, and bring hope to the hopeless in the nations.  Many different programs and organizations have been started because of the work they have done.  People around the world have been impacted by their love, sacrifice, and generosity.  Our co-founders, Joey and Danielle, first met on a mission trip to Mexico because of Dale and Sharon’s dream to start Extreme Missions to serve those in need.  Heart for the World has generously launched Meeting TENTS and is why we exist as an organization today.  Our hearts are beyond grateful for the work Dale and Sharon started and have been faithfully committed to through the years.  We hope to continue as a piece of their legacy to reach the nations through Meeting TENTS.

Dale and Sharon Walker

Dale and Sharon Walker