Wear the Soil You’re Investing In: Philippines Necklace



These special necklaces are made of clay mixed with sand from the Philippines, with 18k gold plated 16" adjustable chains. They are made with laughter and a lot of sass.

100% of your donation goes towards our work in the nations.

Each necklace is completely exclusive- no two will ever be the same. Each marble slab our Makers create is an original piece of art, and we know that you will love your unique pair!

It’s important to note that since these are all uniquely handmade by our Maker Squad, there will be slight variations in each piece. We love variations around here, and believe they make each piece that much more special and unique. Due to our commitment to the programs we support, we are unable to provide refunds or exchanges once orders are placed.

Interested in joining our Squad, or sponsoring a Maker Event? Join the story, and find out how!

To order this necklace, simply give the suggested donation of $286 below!


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